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The Tank Inspectors

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The Tank Inspectors offer an independent fire tank inspection and cleaning service, utilising a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) to provide water tank maintenance checks and identify any service issues that require attention.
Our inspections are unique as we couple the use of ROV technology with 15 plus years direct water tank construction and liner installation experience.
Our point of difference is our independence with supplying a non-bias inspection report which contains photos from all angles with recommendations and underwater internal components captured on video. This method reduces OH&S risks all while the tank is live, without disruption to the fire system.
The ROV swimmer is small enough to enter through small access hatches in the roof of a tank as well as the ROV crawler that has a vacuum head, both have HD cameras and LED lighting.
Our ROV’s are always evolving to suit all aspects of internal tank viewing, cleaning and maintenance to provide the best service in the industry.
The Tank Inspectors have a national footprint with bases in VIC, SA, WA and NT.
Call Toll free – 1800 826 546

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